Filming the Warner Brothers back lot

Hey Guys, hope all is well.


It has been a busy and productive couple weeks for me, the punctuation of which was getting the opportunity to do sound for a project on the back lot of Warner Brothers.  It was the second back lot I have worked on, but the first time since I became a full time freelancer.


Recently a crew reached out to me asking if I wanted to do sound for a project they were working on, and when they told me that part of it involved shooting on the back lot at Warner Brothers, I was in.  I think a lot about a famous back lot the way a baseball player must think about playing in Dodger Stadium.  The history lays thick in the air like humidity, and you can’t help but think about all the foot steps you trace with your own. It goes beyond that though, much like sports you are part of a team when you are out there together.  Everyone working together with the aim of a singular vision.  Doing what you can to produce the best product possible, and working with talented professionals who have incredible skill and desire to maintain a level of excellence.


In terms of history, the part of the back lot we shot on had two very special things happen on it.   One moment was for my money, one of the best kisses that have happened in recent film history.  It was originally for a movie from Sony, but you can’t pass up a great New York set right?



The second, one of my favorite albums ever, which had it’s cover shot in the same exact spot…



To think I shared a work space with his Royal Badness.  What an unbelievable honor.


Before I go, I wanted to thank Andrea and the rest of the team for an awesome set, and Hannah for finding me and bringing me on.  I hope you enjoy, and if you do, please share it.


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